What better way to be inspired for haircuts & styles then checking those of worldwide artists!..

Hair trends are leaning toward Simplicity and Chic allure, my favorite!. Retro style is all over the place spreading its wings in many ways; effortless or sleek-neat style, all are exquisite and beautiful.

Hair trends are global now!…I, personally, have witnessed and even had more stylish and distinguished hairstyles & cuts for several enchanting events (which of course Golden Globe Show is not one of them) but yet more glamorous than those of this year’s Golden Globes!..Nevertheless, with all due respect to hair-artists and stylists who worked hard on their Stars for this event, the adoption for a simple look is nice and sweet but such events maby need more GLAMOUR along with the twist of Simplicity.

The Best and Glamorous hairstyle look is first dedicated to January Jones, this is called Glam’ Chic look. Followed by Jennifer Lopez’s Simple/Stylish pony tail, Jennifer-Love-Hewitt Trendy/Glam’ bun, and Scarlett Johannson’s beautiful “Chignon” with fine hair-accessories (french twist). Aside from Glam, effortless-sleek hairstyles are marked by Anne Hathaway, Angie-Jolie and Sofia Vergara looks, along with the “Black-Swan” (movie) leading lady’s ”Chignon” Natalie Portman, Eva Longoria’s, and Carrie Underwood’s.


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