Taylor Swift in a 70's Style Head Band Hair Style

Taylor Swift's modern 70's headband style

Homecoming hairstyles with headbands are easy!

Hoorah!! It’s “Homecoming” season again! It’s the traditional time of year when colleges, universities and high schools across the U.S.A. celebrate the coming home of alumni and other former students. Celebrations most often include a football game on the schools home field, a parade featuring the schools marching band and other sports teams, the crowning of the king and queen and the forever popular and long remembered homecoming dance.

Of course, there are about as many homecoming hair style options to show you as there are dresses you can choose from, so today let’s focus on easy, casual, hairstyles with headbands. The beauty of using a headband to make a unique homecoming hairdo is that headbands are readily accessible, reasonably priced, easy to make cute hair styles with and there are a wide variety of styles and colors to choose from. First choose your dress and that will dictate how casual or formal your hair should be.

Homecoming hairdos are generally not as formal as prom or wedding hairstyles, but it’s a personal choice. The more casual look of homecoming goes hand in hand with the theme of this festive outdoorsy celebration. Of course you’ll have pictures to look at to commemorate the big event for years to come, so it’s a good idea to make your look authentically you and of course . . . fabulous!

Homecoming Hairstyles for 2011 include the hot feather hair trend we’ve been reporting on of late! So many feathers, so many different styles . . . what’s a woman to choose??

Messy Updo Hairstyle with a Wide Headband

Wide headband, messy updo

Paris Hilton with a Bob Haircut and Sequence Headband

Bob haircut with pearl & sequence headband

Short Grecian Hair Style with a Flowered Headband

Short hair. Grecian flowered headband

Messy Quiff Hair Style with a Double Headband

Double headband on messy quiff style updo

Simple Cropped Haircut with a Silk Flowered Headband

Simple and sweet silk flowered headband

Hippie Hair Style From the 1970's with a Feathered Headband

70's hippee feathered flower power

Layered Bob Haircut with Feather Headband

Layered bob with feather/flowered band

Side Bun Hair Style with a Pheasant Feather Headband

Side bun with pheasant feather headband


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