If you have prolonged hair, you‘ve most probably observed two exceptionally distinctive opinions on whether or not you should really brush your locks to keep it healthy. One group says that in purchase to stay healthy, locks should be brushed a minimum amount of 100 strokes a day. one other says that prolonged locks should really in no way be brushed, only combed, and only enough to keep it from tangling. So who‘s right? Does brushing harm your hair, or does it stimulate growth?

The short response is —it depends.

Using the incorrect type of brush, brushing your locks without any detangling it first, and brushing your locks when it‘s wet can all guide to broken and broken hair. Similarly, brushing locks that may be permed or colored can occasionally harm currently fragile hair.

But utilizing the best type of brush, detangling your locks earlier to brushing, and producing optimistic which you only brush your locks when it‘s dried out guarantees which you won‘t harm your locks by brushing. And, when finished properly, brushing can truly stimulate locks progress by strengthening the follicles at the base of each locks and spreading your scalp‘s organically produced oils by method of your hair.

If you have fine or method hair, you should really use a organically produced boar–bristle brush when brushing your hair. 100 strokes may maybe be as well many; start with 25 or 50. Begin at your organically produced part line, and run the brush from your scalp all the way in which down to your ends. make an effort to not brush a similar section twice in the row. Instead, brush one side, then the other, then the back, then the primary side, and so on.

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If your locks is thick or curly, a boar–bristle brush isn‘t heading to undertake you any good. Instead, seek out a brush with person or women bristles arranged a fine methods apart; 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch is ordinarily good. obtain the type with coated tips. The suggestions over a affordable brush are poor about coming off (and the brush must become changed when that happens), but they are basic for protecting your hair. Uncoated suggestions may maybe break hairs (leading to split ends) or harm the locks follicle (leading to thinning hair).

Thick hair, especially if it‘s long, must become brushed fifty to 100 strokes a day. if you ever come across that your scalp is greasy but your ends are dried out and very easily split, consider into account brushing as many as 125 or 150 strokes a day (75 to 100 strokes if your locks is fine). Brushing “shares“ the oils from your scalp using the rest of your hair, producing for healthier, happier hair. And isn‘t that what most of us want?


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