My granddaughters are four and six years old and sometimes I tag along to make sure the girls don't get into any trouble while their mom is getting her hair trimmed.
Also, the cosmetology school where we go, International Academy of Hair Design, is one of my public relations clients.
I like to visit the school and talk to the students, instructors and customers to see what interesting developments are taking place. This is a favorite spot for the girls to play - especially in the summer time when it is too hot for outdoor fun.
My oldest granddaughter, Rosannah, has long hair. It grows quickly, but occasionally she experiences the typical childhood hair disaster - gum in her goldie locks or a misguided attempt at playing hair stylist without a license. She was recently a model for the school when the producer from KPNX asked for a segment on "Creating Princess Hair." When it became necessary to have a hair cut (and not just a little bang trim) she wasn't too thrilled about the prospect. Briannah was not only willing to get her hair styled and trimmed, she was okay with getting her hair shampooed as well. Mother and daughters lined up at the shampoo bowls for hair cleansing and a scalp massage.
This got me to wondering, "Why is it women and girls enjoy going to the hair stylist?" A good hair stylist (or cosmetology student) listens. I'm sure the cosmetology student complimented my favorite four-year-old on her hair and beauty.
Briannah may only be four years old, but she was experiencing something so many of us crave - to be truly listened to. The child's hair isn't long enough for a traditional braid, so Rosalinda created a halo-like braid around the back of Briannah's head. Although I can't prove it, I think Briannah's trip to International Academy of Hair Design in Fiesta Mall, increased her self esteem.
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