Hairstyles 2012: Find The Latest New Hairstyles for Women

You’ll be happy to know that women’s hairstyles in 2012 are about chilling out and keeping it easy. If you are a fashionable type of individuals, for sure you would want to always keep up to date with the latest trends especially when it comes to hairstyles.

2012 hairstyles for women focused on appearing as polished as possible, where nary a strand was out of place. You’ll be happy to know that women’s hairstyles in 2012 are about chilling out and keeping it easy. That means you can look forward to working with any natural waves in your hair and making fewer visits to your barber.

Long Hairstyles 2012

Just as you know that long hairstyle is timeless. Long hairstyles are always fashionable and there are so many different hairstyles to choose from. There are so many hair styles for long hair nowadays that there is really no reason whatsoever to get bored with your look. Long straight hairstyles and razor sharp cut hairstyles, with or without bangs, are always popular for women because they are the easiest to maintain. If you have thin or fine hair, you can choose layered hairstyles that will add volume to your hair. The long flowing look is timeless and very feminine. To find out what the new trends for 2012 long hairstyles, we only have to look at what celebrities are doing with their hair. After all celebrities, more often than not, are the fashion trend setters.

Jillian Reed red braided hairstyle
Jillian Reed long red braided hairstyle 2012

Jillian Reed styled her dark red tresses into a simple side braid.

Paris Hilton long curly hairstyle
Paris Hilton long curly hairstyle 2012

Paris Hilton was all smiles as she showed off her long blond curls.

Elsa Pataky long straight hairstyle
Elsa Pataky long straight hairstyle 2012

Elsa Pataky styled her hair in a straight center part hairstyle that was sleek and polished.

Medium Hairstyles 2012

2012 Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair Style Cuts
Medium hairstyles are preferred by most women looking for the trendy hair style cuts that are fashionable, easy to manage, and can be styled to compliment different facial shapes, style, and age. Medium hairstyles are perfect if you are getting tired of the same old style with your long hair, or if you are growing your short hair. Mid length hair is the most versatile of all hairstyles. You can just let your hair fall down as everyday casual do, or do it up for a more sophisticated look. So many different hair trends come and go, but trendy shoulder length hairstyles are always fashionable.

Medium curly hairstyles, medium wavy hair, mid length bobs, medium layered haircuts are perfect.

Reese Witherspoon medium straight haircut
Reese Witherspoon medium hairstyle 2012

Reese Witherspoon styled her blond locks in a straight side parted hairstyle.

Stacy Keibler medium curly hairstyleStacy Keibler medium curly hairstyle 2012

Stacy Keibler styled her hair in loose curls.

Tina Fey medium bob hairstyle
Tina Fey medium bob hairstyle 2012

Tina Fey gave her mid-length bob a makeover by pumping up the volume. She pulled her straight bangs back into a small poof.

Short haircuts 2012

You may have seen a lot celebrities wear short hairstyles these days. Women hairstyles of this year are either too long or too short hair. But celebrities proved very short hairstyle is more dominant in 2012, as more and more celebrities are getting on the short hair bandwagon. Short hair is popular among women of different ages as it needs less care, and they always look hot and sassy.

Short bob hairstyles, pixie haircuts,messy cut, short straight cut are popular.

Chelsea Kane Bob haircut
Chelsea Kane short bob haircut 2012

Chelsea Kane with a short bob that was parted to one side providing the perfect frame for her face.

Emma Watson pixie haircut

Emma Watson short haircut

Emma Watson showed off her sassy cropped cut. She added a little sparkle to her ‘do with a gold hair pin.
Emma has carried her new short hairstyle over to 2012. She says her short hairstyle is liberating. We say she looks sensational!


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