Bold Multi Tone Hair Color Ideas

Bold Multi Tone Hair Color 2011Bold Multi Tone Hair Color 2012The color of highlights depend on the image you want to create, so if you are bold enough, you can choose two or more colors, that will be in deep contrast with the base tone. Hairstyles and hair color ideas presented below will be a perfect source of inspiration for your next makeover.

2012 Colorful Hair HighlightsColorful Hair Highlights

Colorful Hair Highlights 2011Colorful Hair Highlights 2012

Dark highlight colors like blue and purple will be suitable for darker base tone. This style will create mysterious and seductive image. You can also combine these colors with your platinum blonde hair color for punk style. If you think, that these examples are too edgy for you, you can choose shade of purple close to your base tone. Spread the tinted strands all over your head to add definition and volume to your style.

Multi Tone Hair Color 2011Multi Tone Hair Color 2012

edgy highlights styles are innumerable, so use your imagination to create eye-catching image, place highlighted strands on the front part for bolder image.


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