You can also save money with these tips.

Using sweats to keep your toddler comfy during play time in a dirty play ground may be practical, but it may not be that cute. It really doesn't matter how short the sides are or the midsection is long, because that'll just add to the personality of the hair cut.

For girls, dress her up with some cute headbands, and you can do that even with a hairless tot. Just make sure that what you choose to glue on the headband are not choking hazards.

With these simple hair styling ideas, you'll save money, and always make sure that your toddler looks super cute! On top of running her blog, which includes an entry on toddler hair styles, Marta Sauret has been published in GI Jobs, Shades of Grey, Nuances, North Hills Monthly Magazine, Living City, and more.


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