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Eva Longoria Hairstyle

Talk about ideas for Eva Longoria hairstyles. Eva Longoria may play a desperate housewife but her hair is purely divine. If you want to get your own version of Eva Longoria’s hairstyle, read on for the inside scoop. For Eva hairstyles photos look below

eva longoria hairstyles How to Get Eva Longoria’s Hairstyles For Your Hairstyles Ideas

eva longoria hairstyles 2 How to Get Eva Longoria’s Hairstyles For Your Hairstyles Ideas

eva longoria hairstyles 3 How to Get Eva Longoria’s Hairstyles For Your Hairstyles Ideas

eva longoria hairstyles 4 How to Get Eva Longoria’s Hairstyles For Your Hairstyles Ideas

Eva Longoria’s hairstyle looks twice as nice thanks to bold highlights throughout. Try adding some lighter sections to your hair for the same effect. If you can’t be bothered with all that curling try wearing the same hairstyle straight. Flip the layers back while blow drying and go for a sleeker version of Eva Longoria’s hairstyle. Please read below

  1. Wear this hairstyle if you have thick hair that has some natural wave to it. Straight hair can still apply for this style but it may take a little more work to get it there.
  2. Cut your hair like Eva Longoria’s hair in a long, layered shag cut. The length of the hair can vary but should be at least to your shoulders for best results.
  3. Layer beginning approximately at mouth level in the front and left a little longer in the back. The hair is angled and layered to meet the bottom length giving long, soft layers that will give you tons of styling options.
  4. Don’t wear bangs with this hairstyle. Instead the hair is worn with a middle part and frames the face.
  5. Apply a volumizing mousse to towel dried hair and section off your hair so a two-inch section remains at the bottom and the rest is pinned up and out of your way.
  6. Begin blow drying the first section with a paddle brush and a blow drier with a nozzle attachment. Point the nozzle of the blow drier down at the hair to seal the cuticle and promote smoothness.
  7. Work your way up the top of your head, making sure each section is completely dry before beginning another.
  8. Give yourself a middle part and finish smoothing those final layers when you reach the top layers of your head.
  9. Heat up a large-barreled curling iron and use it to create the big, flipped back curls in Eva Longoria’s hairstyle.
  10. Start at the back of the head and take a section of hair approximately two inches wide that runs from the middle of your head down to the bottom of your hair. You want to leave the top layers of your hair out of the curling iron and keep them lying smooth.
  11. Close the curling iron onto the ends of the first section, making sure the very ends are inside the barrel’s clamp to avoid kinks. If some of the layers fall out while adjusting don’t worry—you can curl those ones separately.
  12. Twist the curling iron back and away from your face while you wrap the entire section around the curling iron. Stop wrapping when your iron is sitting an inch away from your scalp in an up and down position. Let the hair sit for three to four seconds to allow the heat to penetrate all the hair.
  13. Release the clamp and carefully slide the barrel of the curling iron down and out of the newly formed curl by lowering it until it “falls” out the bottom. You want to preserve the curl as is as much as possible so it can cool in its new shape.
  14. Repeat this process with all the layers of your hair until you have many, large and long curls that bend back and away from your face.
  15. Coat your hands with a styling wax and gently separate the curls. You still want to leave the basic shape so don’t play with them too much. The wax will help define your curls into many tiny flips that blend and flow towards the back of the head.
  16. Finish off with a light misting of hairspray. Be careful not to overdo it on the hairspray—this style should have movement and be touchable. Helmut heads aren’t trendy.


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