New Long Haircuts in 2011 Trendy

2011 Long Hairstyle Women
Arguably the most attractive hairstyle is long hair. Long hair is extremely versatile and acceptable for so many occasions. And long hair is no longer just for women but more and more men have been found sporting long hair.

2011 Braided Long Hairstyle

2011 Long Hairstyle Art

Long Wavy Hairstyle

Black Long Hairstyle

Women Long Hairstyle 2011
Women have the most experience with long hair, using tools like sedu irons, dryers, crimping machines to help them in the styling of the hair on their own. These instruments have allowed women to prevent the hairdresser for a fabulous straight, curly, wavy and layered styles they can easily do on their own.

Long, curly hairstyles are great for any occasion, but require a certain amount of maintenance to avoid getting your hair dry and frizzy. Accessories such as jewels and pins go a long way to making your curly, long hair more attractive. If you have large curls, try for a layered style. The layered look with curly hair gives a beautiful look.

For men with long hair, the best options are dimensional cut, layers, and hair colors. It is now acceptable for men to wear tails and light curls next to them to print and color their hair.


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