Hot Blonde Hair Color for 2012

We can recall hundreds of Hollywood celebrities who are eager to wear this hair color. Among them are Pamela Anderson, Marilyn Monroe that are real sex symbols for already a long period of time. Moreover the popularity of blonde hair is increasing with every coming year.

blonde hair colorHot Blonde Hair Color for 2012

Sexy Blonde Hair Color

Platinum blonde hair color

The only thing that undergoes some changes is the shade palette of blonde color. It is extremely necessary because the same shades will tire people very soon. Along with it cosmetic industry is developing constantly so you are right to expect more innovations. I think there is no such woman who wouldn’t think at least once in her life whether blonde color suits her or not. This very idea attracts so many women to try it out. It is a sort of magnet including sex appeal and versatility. Its popularity is rising all the time. We advise you to try the 2012 trends for blonde color shades and find out the most proper for your tresses. You are sure to be rather outstanding and shine all the time.

Hot Blonde Hair Color for

Sexy Blonde Hair Color 2012

Dirty blonde hair color

Dirty blonde hair color 2012

Platinum blonde color seems to return its popularity in 2012. The reason is that most women fell in love with this marvelous shade that really helps to be in the centre of attention. This gorgeous shade has the ability of face framing. As you know hair color must first of all suit with the skin tone. Thus you’d better turn to platinum blonde shade is you have fairer skin tone. It is the only hinder to turn to this hair color. Draw inspiration from the pictures of famous celebrities.

2012 Dirty blonde hair color

2012 Strawberry blonde hair color

Strawberry blonde hair color

Strawberry blonde hair color 2012

Next is dirty blonde color that helps to attract much attention and consequently stand out of the crowd. This alternative is for those who are not that eager to have the platinum blonde shade. Dirty blonde color is mostly proper for any skin tone and it is also another advantage of it. And also we would like to add some words about strawberry blonde shade. It also suits most skin complexions. But on contrary to dirty blonde it is a bit brighter.


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