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Wedding hairstyle with curls

bridal hairstyles for 2011 Bridal Hairstyles   New Fashion   New Trends
bridal hairstyles for 2011-2012

Flowing locks, elegantly framing the face, give the image of romance. This hairstyle fits any of the fair sex and harmonious look with almost any wedding dress. Locks can be decorated veil, Fresh flowers, tiara or a beautiful clasp. But wedding hairstyle with curls can only afford the bride long and medium length hair.

Bridal Hairstyles tips

Girls with heavy long hair wedding hairstyles for the rehearsal to discuss ways of fixing a barber, because locks are not reliable and can lose their shape due to the heat or humidity.

Idea! If you wear medium length hairYou can use the overhead locks for the wedding day. A good stylist will pick locks like the tone of your natural hair color. Wedding hairstyles with long, neat locks of natural hair looks amazing in her wedding dress, add novelty and charm your way.

Creative mess

If you have short hair, The solution can be found in wedding hairstyle in the style of “creative chaos”. Laid-back locks, light flirting refreshing look and are perfect for young brides, and for older women who want to look bright and original. Hairstyle for short hair may be asymmetrical and a bit cheeky or, alternatively, an elegant and accurate – it all depends on the characteristic of your style and mood.

Wedding hairstyles short hair require at least a qualified manner by the stylist to work with than long hair. Do not use too strong hair products that are unnatural hair glue.

Wedding hairstyles with braids

Innocence and stateliness emphasize hairstyle with braids and woven them into ribbons or strings of pearls. You can choose different solutions – one or two braids, braiding “spikelet” or “basket”.

wedding hairstyles for short hairs Bridal Hairstyles   New Fashion   New Trends

wedding hairstyles for short hairs

This hairstyle can be supplemented flowers – Live or artificial, invisible with crystals or pearls. Spit is not as capricious as the locks – they keep for a long time under any circumstances. Such wedding hairstyles fit girls with long hairBut you can use overhead or strands Spit, Tailored to suit your natural hair color.

If you want to combine the wedding hair style braids and a veil, it is best to choose a veil is very light and transparent, so it does not effectively hid her hair braided. Or attach a veil below.
From classic high hair wedding fashion reject in a hurry. After all, the collected hair open face and neck, make the right emphasis on the neck, drawing attention to the eyes.

But recent trends in wedding hairstyles is to avoid the abundance of varnish, complex structures and intricate pile which had recently been so popular. Hairstyles have become much more concise, made using a small number of professional tools for fixing, but it can be sustained.

To high hairstyle will suit any accessories – tiaras and hair clips, satin and silk ribbons, strings of pearls or crystals.

Wedding hairstyles in the Greek style

One of the trends in wedding fashion for the next year began flowing dresses Greek style. The bride’s attire then become the real goddesses. Fashion in clothes could not affect the trends in wedding hairstyles – light, delicate dresses, tunics shape should marry wedding hairstyles in the Greek style.

Elastic hair, parted in the middle clear, the splendor of unusual plaited braid – these simple elements thanks to the magic hands of the stylist doing Greek wedding hairstyles works of art. In addition, quite often wedding hairstyles in the Greek style decorate with fresh flowers or crowns, which also makes the image special effects.

Accessories for wedding hairstyles

New Fashion innovations affect not only the hairstyles but also accessories. For several years, a big hit with brides enjoy tiaras and tiara. And it seems that in 2011, this mode does not fade.

But designers and stylists advise still pay more attention to floral motifs. Flower in her hair – it zhguchest and innocence at the same time. And to attach at least one bud literate can master even for short hair.

Another elegant trend of the season – feathers. One large or several small feathers give the image of lightness and weightlessness.

And, of course, never goes out of fashion accessory such an integral image of the bride wedding as veil. Short or long, with lace or sequins – will complement any wedding veil wedding hairstyle and make it even more irresistible.

Pay attention!

It is worth paying attention to what the stylist, are you going to go to the veil before the end of the evening, or plan to take it off after a walk or to the banquet. Of this depends on how thoroughly the stylist will attach a veil to her hair.
Wedding hairstyles with bangs

If you wear bangs, the veil is the perfect accessory and will add charm to your wedding hairstyle. If you have bangs and long hair, you’ll like the high hairstyle or loose, straight hair. In the wedding hairstyle is not recommended to combine a bang with her hair curled in ringlets.

Accessory tiara wedding hair adorn the bride with short bangs – for inspiration, you can use the image of the heroine Audrey Hepburn from the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.”

Considering the latest trends in the world of wedding hair styles, fit puzzled. But do not forget that all these developments – not canon, but rather a ground for reflection. Picking up an interesting option, you can transform your taste. And who knows, maybe next season it is your hairstyle will be the new trend.

Accessories for wedding hairstyles Bridal Hairstyles   New Fashion   New Trends

Accessories for wedding hairstyles

bridal hairstyles for 20111 Bridal Hairstyles   New Fashion   New Trends


high wedding hair styles Bridal Hairstyles   New Fashion   New Trends

high wedding hair styles

Wedding hairstyles with bangs Bridal Hairstyles   New Fashion   New Trends

Wedding hairstyles with bangs

wedding hairstyles for short hairs1 Bridal Hairstyles   New Fashion   New Trends


wedding hair styles in greek styles Bridal Hairstyles   New Fashion   New Trends

new fashion of hair for brides in 2011.


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