Shoulder-length hair is a favorite hairstyle by most women because it is low-maintenance, very versatile, uber sexy and attractive. It is also very flattering to most facial shape, as long as the right cut and style for a particular face shape is given the hair.
Here are some suggestions on the best shoulder- length hairstyle for a particular face shape:

Round Face
Women with round faces should get their inspiration from Malin Akerman’ s shoulder – length hair with subtle waves. The soft waves around the face do not add volume to the sides giving the face a “thinner” look. Malin’s bangs swept at an angle across her forehead camouflage the rounded curve of the hairline providing angles that her face does not have.

Square Face
Gwyneth Paltrow has one of the best shoulder length hair for a square face, a long bob. Her chin length hair that angles inward hugs her face lovingly, thus softening her strong jaw line. The center part on Gwyneth’s long bob further softens the angles and made her face look narrower.

Heart-Shape Face
Reese Witherspoon takes full advantage of her heart-shape face, a face shape that will look good with any hair length. Reese’s shoulder-length hair that reaches past her chin has long, soft angled bangs sweeping across the forehead that camouflage the wide forehead of her heart shaped face. The sleek sides without volume softens the angles of the face with the angled ends softening it further and at the same time gives the cut an air of sophistication.

Oval Face
An oval face is another face shape that will look good in almost any hair lenght. Jessica Biel’s perfect oval face is further enhanced by this best shoulder- length hair style with seductive messy waves paired with long, alluring bangs draped sexily across the forehead.

Oblong Face
An oblong face like that of Tyra Banks is a little longish. But Tyra’s shoulder-length hair with volumes on the side transforms her oblong face to a perfect oval since the volume imparts an illusion of fullness to the cheekbones. The wispy bangs also lessen the length of the face.


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