Do you want to create a fresh hairstyle 2012? Are you looking for a formal hairstyle for your short hair? Even if you bear short hair, there are still many options for you to choose. There are some popular short hairstyles 2012 for formal occupations and situations. Even if you have short hair, when choosing the new hairstyle, it is important to take your hair texture into consideration. To create the formal hairstyle, you should ensure that you maintain it carefully so as to achieve your wished style. Short hair can add you more charm and style. The following are some popular 2012 short hairstyles for formal situations.

2012 Formal Pixie Haircuts

Emma Watson Short Pixie Haircuts

Emma Watson Short Pixie Haircuts

pixie haircut can be cooler and more stylish for people with straight hair. For better effect, you can apply some hairspray and some mousse so as to keep the style in place throughout the occasion.
Formal Short Bob Hairstyles 2012
Short Bob Hairstyles 2012
If you bear a bit longer hair, you can opt for a lot kinds of bob haircuts which are quite popular and trendy recently. You can choose the inverted one, to the layered one, to the wavy and curly one, according to your face structure and hair texture. To create the straight layered bob style, you need first make your hair straight with the help of a flat iron. Then use a small mount of hairspray to keep it in style for a longer period. To create an inverted bob style, quite popular among the red carpet, you need to cut the front hair longer and the back short. You need to make your hair straight with the help of a flat iron. Then you can show and enjoy it the whole evening. If you want a messy look, you can apply some root volumizer and tousle it with the help of your fingers. If you want a smooth look, you can apply some gel.

Formal Short Wavy and Curly Hairstyles 2012

Usually people have a misunderstanding that women who have short hair should not create the wavy and curly hairstyles. In fact, even if you have short hair, you can still choose the wavy and curly hairstyles which are quite charming and stylish. If you bear a bob style, you can get a charming and attractive wavy style by adding rollers so as to create tender and sexy waves. This can also give more volumes to your hair. Curly hair, no matter it is long or short, is always quite splendid and fabulous for formal dress and situations. If you desire a totally curly style, you can choose thin rollers so as to make some ringlets. You can also turn to a flat iron to get the style. Before such steps, you need to apply some heat protection serum. Short curly styles, when they are sported excellently, will make you look more graceful and sophisticated.

To create the above mentioned 2012 short hairstyles for formal situation, you need to make sure that you look after your hair well and try your best to keep it healthy so that the hairstyles appear charming, and fabulous. In addition, after the styling, it is advisable that you apply some high-quality mousse or hairspray so as to maintain the hairdo full of vigor and style for the whole occasion. Lastly, use some cute and dainty hair accessories to enhance the styles if you hold they appear too simple.


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